Ventocool | Evaporative Cooling Units
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Vento Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with the industry’s most innovative, reliable and cost-effective evaporative cooling systems. Through our Ventocool units, we can offer you cutting edge evaporative cooling infused with more than 25 years of combined hands-on industry experience in the design, manufacturing and distribution of industrial ventilation equipment.

Modern Fan

Energy efficient cooling systems

Our modern and portable units are energy efficient and energy conscious, especially when compared to other products available nowadays in this market. All of our units incorporate a set of innovative features that set them apart.

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Evaporative cooling advantages

The evaporative cooling approach has numerous advantages including cost savings, environmental benefits and health benefits.  These systems rely on natural processes to produce cooling.

Great performance, innovative design

By combining science, technology, engineering, aesthetics and design throughout our creative process, we are now offering what we consider to be “break-through” and “better performing” mobile evaporative cooling units.


Our meticulous design and engineering processes went beyond a simple look on aesthetics. We looked at innovation as a way to differentiate our products from those other that are currently available in the ventilation arena.

Energy Efficient Motors

Ventocool utilizes only the newest and most energy efficient motors available in the ventilation marketplace. These motors operate with low energy levels and have low amperage consumption. In addition, all of our units come with variable speed controllers, which provide for better efficiency, stronger versatility and higher reliability.

Highest Airflow

Good airflow is fundamental in the adequate performance of an evaporative cooling unit. All of our evaporative cooling units come equipped with high performing and highly efficient motors and blades that allow the cool air to travel faster and reach farther distances while successfully lowering the air temperature in between. This process effectively generates a “wind-chill” sensation that removes heat from our bodies.


Unlike some other pumps that are used by other evaporative cooling brands, our highly reliable pumps are durable and work exactly in the manner in which they were designed. All of our units have automatic low water shutoff switches, which prevent the pump from burning in the incident that the water tank level is low, or provided that the unit is not connected to a permanent water source.

All of these features, along with many others as presented by our Ventocool mobile evaporative cooling units, are available for potential users at only a fraction of the cost of purchasing, installing and operating traditional air conditioning systems.