Ventocool | Evaporative Cooling
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Evaporative Cooling


Evaporative cooling uses natural forces and principles to produce a cooling effect. This concept has come a very long way since its early origins. The principle behind evaporative cooling has always been the same; namely, to create an extensive and targeted reduction in ambient temperatures.


The history of evaporative cooling is extensive. Since its inception, people have used this technique to bring cooler temperatures into homes, buildings and industrial locations.


More recently, evaporative cooling has been widely used for creating better and more comfortable environments in many different applications, including, to name a few, in open areas, industrial plants, construction sites, sporting events, entertainment and other venues. Evaporative cooling units are ideal in places in which conventional air conditioning units are not functional, be it for operational or economic reasons.

Furthermore, evaporative cooling units help in accurately reducing ambient temperatures, but also in increasing workers’ productivity and accuracy in manufacturing, production, construction and industrial facilities. These units may also be installed in restaurants and outdoor seating venues in order to increase client satisfaction during dining out experiences.


Traditional evaporative cooling units utilize a water reservoir with a float valve that opens and shuts the water flow as needed, in order to prevent a water overflow inside the unit’s water tank.


These units also feature a pump that circulates water unto the evaporative cooling media or pads, and a fan that draws the fresh or cool air and discharges “fresher” air into a desired location. This type of evaporative cooling process may also be referred to as “spot cooling”.


Through the power of evaporative cooling, it is possible to have evaporative air conditioning that depends upon evaporation of water. In this process, a pump circulates water coming from a contained reservoir; this water then passes through a cooling pad wall.


The water soaked evaporative cooling pads significantly reduce the temperature of water. Next, the cooler water is pushed out via fans and serves to cool outdoor environments or the interior of industrial manufacturing locations.

Ventocool’s innovative mobile evaporative cooling units are smarter in many ways. Our modern and portable units are energy efficient and energy conscious, especially when compared to other products available nowadays in this market. All of our units incorporate a set of innovative features that set them apart.